Commercial Soil Vapor Intrusion

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We have soil vapor systems installed across New York State with our clients including;

  • Business Owners
  • Environmental Engineering Firms
  • Architects
  • Banks
  • Plant Managers
  • Government Institutions

Typical Applications

  • Compliance with NYS DOH Guidance on Soil Vapor Intrusion
  • Employee and Occupant Safety
  • NYS DEC Legacy Site Remediation
  • Former Manufacturing Operations (TCE contamination)
  • Brownfield Programs
  • Former Dry Cleaning Operations (PCE contamination)
  • Phase1/Phase2 Audit Compliance
  • EPA Superfund Sites
  • Financial Institution Requirements
  • Indoor Air Quality Improvements

A Sample of The Soil Vapor Intrusion Services We Offer

  • Site assessment and strategy optimization
  • Interface with government regulatory agencies
  • Design, construction and QA for any size SVI project
  • Sub-slab air communication testing and analysis; accuracy to .001 wci
  • Air flow analysis and duct optimization by Pitot tube measurement
  • In house design and engineering services
  • Field experience with high suction fans (to 50 wci) and high air flow fans (to 800 CFM)
  • Expertise in ASTM E-2121-03 NYS DOH VI Guidance
  • Intrinsically Safe and Explosion Proof applications
  • Post construction confirmatory testing
  • Conversion of SVE systems to SVI function
  • Maintenance, Operation and Certification of Effectiveness
  • Supplemental measures – sealing systems, engineering controls, heat recovery ventilation

When You Absolutely Need a Professional

Radon Mitigation and Commercial Soil vapor intrusion is our only business. Unlike a majority of our competitors this is not a sideline, we are professional mitigation contractor with the experience and expertise to deliver the highest quality radon mitigation system or soil vapor intrusion systems to meet your specific needs. “We Guarantee It”



Why Should Choose Us?

Radon Gas Mitigation is our business

We are not a sideline to another contracting business.
Our specially equipped vehicles and fully trained staff will solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

  • Designing State Of The Art Systems
  • We never Use Sub Contractors
  • Testing Done By Independent Firms
  • Written Guarantees On Parts and Labor
  • All Professional Certifications Current
  • References Cheerfully Given On Request
  • Honesty, Integrity And Experience

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  • NEHA NRPP ID certified contractor
  • Licensed Bonded And Insured
  • 25 Years Plus Experience
  • Radon Mitigation “Our Only Business”

We follow guidance from the following agencies

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