Mitigation Tech Company Qualifications

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NEHA NRPP ID certification #100722 RMT (mitigation)

Comprehensive Insurance

  • $5,000,000 General Liability
  • $2,000,000 Pollution Liability
  • $2,000,000 Professional Liability
  • $5,000,000 Automobile Liability
  • Statutory Worker’s Compensation

We have 25 years of Experience in Radon Mitigation and Soil Vapor Intrusion

We have designed and installed over 7,000 systems including over 16,000,000 accumulated square feet of depressurized sub-slabs.

Mitigation of Radon Gas and Soil Vapor is our only business

We are not a sideline to another contracting business. Our specially equipped vehicles and fully trained staff will solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

A Comprehensive Transferable 5 year Warranty

This covers components, workmanship, radon level outcome and compliance with all EPA standards. In some cases, air flow or pressure differential measurements are used as performance criteria.

Group Seminar Service

We provide Radon Education to Real Estate professionals and other interested public groups. We can meet with your group to discuss Radon standards, reduction techniques, costs, etc. Our presenter is a member of The NEHA Speakers’ Bureau.

Professional Affiliations

  • HAZWOPER 40 hour certification for hazardous materials
  • AARST (Radon Scientists Association)
  • Greater Rochester Association of Realtors

NYS Listed for Radon Mitigation NYS follows NEHA for certification

The EPA handed off the certification process to NEHA (National Environmental Health Association) in 1999. Our old EPA number is 15415.
Our NEHA NRPP ID certification number is 100722.

Although we don’t offer radon screening testing commercially, we maintain full certification so that we can evaluate authoritatively the quality of radon testing performed by others. We do perform comprehensive diagnostic assessment and confirmatory testing.

Insurance coverage should be a critical factor in your choice of a contractor.

Without proper insurance, the client is at risk even after work is completed. We carry Pollution and Professional Liability Insurance to meet the demands of discerning clients and to reinforce our commitment to furnish high quality service.

Good insurance is a telltale sign of a serious company.

For your protection, we carry NYS ADMITTED Liability Insurance covering NYS Labor Law (especially ladder and scaffold 240/241).   We also carry high limit Commercial Auto, Pollution Liability and Professional Liability Insurance.  Our agent will issue a certificate of insurance at no additional charge.

We Recommend 3rd party Radon testing

We refrain from the testing business by choice. The EPA recommends that you use separate companies for testing and mitigation. This ensures proper ethics and an unbiased Inspector–Client relationship.

Free Consultation, Quotation, and Guaranteed Results – at a Guaranteed Cost

In most cases we provide free basic diagnostics to find the most economical remedy. In some cases, comprehensive diagnostic procedures at an additional expense are necessary for effective system design.