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What Is Soil Vapor Intrusion?

The phrase “soil vapor intrusion” refers to the process by which volatile chemicals move from.

What is Radon Gas?

Radon Gas is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is formed when radium decays in soil.

Residential Radon Mitigation

We treat every residential mitigation project as if it were our own home.

About Mitigation Tech

Mitigation Tech was founded in 1989 as a radon mitigation firm serving western NY, has grown to become a statewide recognized leader in the design and construction of systems that manage all forms of soil vapor intrusion. Our employees have provided mitigation solutions for radon gas, volatilized chlorinated solvents and other unwanted vapors at over 7,000 residential, commercial and industrial locations, representing over 16,000,000 sq. ft. of depressurized sub-slabs.

Our philosophy is simple: specialization and collaboration. Mitigation of Radon and Soil Vapor is our only business, not a sideline or spin off.

Specialization means we focus on designing, constructing and servicing vapor mitigation systems. We leave radon screening to home inspectors and air sampling to environmental engineers. We believe it is the ethically responsible approach and so does the EPA. The EPA strongly recommends that radon screening by performed by one company and radon mitigation by another. We don’t provide general construction, radon screening, mold remediation, pest control, or any of the other services often bundled together in the radon marketplace. We do provide straightforward work proposals, sophisticated diagnostics and responsible construction procedures for clients and cases of every description.

Collaboration means thorough communication and representational support. Building assessment and strategic review are critical components of our approach. We work closely with clients to find efficient and optimized solutions, often on a design/build basis. Our training, equipment and insurance are all task specific. The end result is effective mitigation and good value.